GRACE E. FIELDER & ASSOCIATES, CHARTERED brings a breadth of experience and expertise to Rezoning and Master Planning projects. All projects are undertaken as an interdisciplinary effort, combining the talents of land use planners with those of environmental and civil engineers and other disciplines. Capabilities include: feasibility studies, environmental evaluations and comprehensive engineering services for water, sewer and utility system plans.

Municipal Planning: GRACE E. FIELDER & ASSOCIATES, CHARTERED provides planning services to municipalities. Services include expert witness review, testimony, and permit review.

As a general rule, the planning process is a systematic process that emphasizes thorough site analysis, assessment of regional setting, analysis of environmental sensitivity, appraisal of alternative designs, and cost evaluation. Master Plan projects include residential, commercial, industrial, and recreation.

GRACE E. FIELDER & ASSOCIATES, CHARTERED has staff qualified as expert witnesses in planning, landscape architecture, and parks and recreation.