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GEF approaches Transportation Projects as we do other types of projects, by looking at the project in total and how it fits the community and environment. GEF's planners, landscape architects and environmentalists are experienced in streetscapes, park and rides, parking lot design layouts, and storm water pond, median, intersection, and round about plantings. Products provided to our clients include public presentations, renderings, cross sections, power point, cost estimating, entrance signage, historic review, land use review, photo shop renderings, construction drawings, plans and specifications. Projects completed include: I-270/370 interchange, Maryland Route 100 plantings, LaVale Streetscape, and Maryland Route 32 Park and Ride, Maryland City Sign, MD 32 & 170 Interchange.

Recently with the Maryland State Highways GEF completed a Plant Management Plan for the removal of invasive plants and then replacement with native species, all ready identified in the forests adjoining the corridor. Identification of native and non-natives, methodologies for removal, plant growing cycles and new planting methods were part of the scope of services. The site of this program is the Maryland I-83 corridor from the Baltimore City Line to Old Joppa Road (3.5 miles one way.) This pilot vegetative management program is the first of its kind. In part it evolved from GEF commitment to bringing new thinking to old problems and our recognition of the significant problem Invasive Species have become to highway safety, the environment and native forests. Project construction is scheduled for Fall of 2008, you may want to check back to see progress on I-83 as well as what else new we are doing in highway design with our clients.

Round abouts

Mountain Lake - Streetscape sections

Georgia Avenue Streetscape

Route 40 Composite Inventory

Route 40 Corridor Study - Howard County, MD

Route 40 Environmental Analysis

I-83 Invasive Plan Study - Russian Olive

I-83 Invasive Plant Removal Study

Route 40 Land Use

I-270 - 370 Landscape analysis and Plan

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