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Close to nature - Fairland Trail

Enjoying the scenery - Meadow Brook Stable,
Rock Creek Trail

Passing zone - Rock Creek Trail l

Trails continue to gain in importance and focus. The use of trails is up, and the user groups are more numerous and include walkers, strollers, skaters, recreation and commuter bikers, as well as runners and equestrians.

GEF has been continuously active in the design of trails since its establishment in 1991. While some trails exist simply to get from point A to Point B, other trails are designed to show off natural features or provide for specific functions such as a "Heart Smart" Trail, or fitness trail, or commuter trail. Many of the GEF trails have included boardwalks, and bridges over wetlands, streams, and waterways. Designs have also included trail heads for parking. GEF designs trails to fit into the environment and protect it. Good examples of this type of trail are Rock Creek Stream Valley Trail and the Anacostia River Trail. Both are high traffic volume trails complete with way finding signage, use rules, and pavement markings. Both respect their environment.

Other trails designed by G.E.Fielder & Associates, include the Fairland Connector Trail, that connects Prince Georges County and Montgomery County thru the Fairland Regional Park, Crystal Rock Trail, Pohick Stream Valley, Hidden Pond and Orange Hunt Estates Parks Trails and Bridge. GEF also does trail alternative studies including: Matthew Henson Trail, and Killen's Pond. These trail projects are located in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

Safety signage - Rock Creek Trail

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