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Directly overhead post construction, 2007

View from Helicopter

From every angle, color and flow

Shade, color and shadow

Clemyjontri-a playground devoted to all children regardless of their abilities, a place where they can play together and, perhaps for a moment, just be a child. G. E. Fielder & Associates was the creator of this 2 acre inclusionary playground, and the Planner, Landscape Architect and Environmentalist for the General Management Plan. The playground is located in McLean, Virginia; the park is part of Fairfax County Park Authority park systems. Mrs. Adele Lebowitz donated the ground and provided the inspiration, as it is her desire to have a place where all children can play.

The Washington Post, in a December 8, 2006 article, stated: "In its first 25 days of operation, the playground has drawn 12,000 visitors-an average of 475 visitors a day...more than 20 pieces are innovations, including climbable rainbow arches, a wheelchair-accessible maze, and a "helicopter" with ramps, allowing children with physical disabilities to fly into the imaginary skies with more able-bodied companions...The educational aspect is a leveler for children of various abilities." The article also contained this quote from Grace Fielder: "It allows a child who's got an incredibly sharp mind who perhaps has physical limitations to be smarter, quicker than the child who has no physical limitations."

G. E. Fielder & Associates prepared the General Management Plan for the 19 acre CLEMYJONTRI Park, including the playground. Now in its second year, CLEMYJONTRI experiences 100,000 visitors annually and is listed as one of the 20 most popular playgrounds in the Washington Metropolitan area. The playground has been featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, Fox 5 Morning News, and NBC 4 Local News; it was also included in the Newsweek article "Design Serious Fun." CLEMYJONTRI has redefined play for all children and their families. Overhead aerial photos courtesy FCPA.

G. E. Fielder & Associates, Chartered also designed Hadley's Playground-another site devoted to children with disabilities-in Potomac, Maryland.

Video from a happy user of Clemyjontri

All elements for today and tomorrow
were considered

Site analysis came first

The Final Concept

Directly overhead pre construction, 2003

Green environment is relaxing

Even the adults ride the carousel

Accessible carousel

A totally accessible entrance


Learning colors and shapes in the schoolhouses

Resulting in sheer joy

Rooms provide movement, size and scale

Transportation room with drag strip

Tree line drive preserved as trail

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